PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) for Used Car


Buying a used car is a serious investment and can be difficult. A pre-purchase inspection (PPI) is an important step when considering a used car purchase. It helps you find potential problems with the vehicle before you commit to buying it. Al Sadiq Garage auto repairing offers you pre-purchase inspection you need to buy with confidence and negotiate a fair price.

Al Sadiq Garage Auto Repairing provides a complete vehicle inspection report which includes the following.

  • Complete vehicle inspection for prior repairs and collisions and chassis damage.
  • Measure paint thickness, paint job, condition, oxidation, and color match if previously repaired.
  • General performance, engine condition.
  • Interior inspection
  • Under the hood – look for oil leaks, exhaust leaks, exhaust smoke and fluid condition.
  • Electrical components and equipment function check
  • Tyre condition, wear, age, and general condition
  • Analysis of service history
  • Mechanical defects, gearbox, clutch, suspension, bearing etc.

We provide a supportive estimate for the work to be performed on the car after the inspection report.


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