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Causes of Engine Oil Leakage and how to Stop Oil Leaks

Causes of Engine Oil Leakage and how to Stop Oil Leaks.

Engine oil leakage is usually the result of a bad seal or gasket, although it can also be caused by damaged parts, such as a broken oil pan. If you find that your car’s engine oil is leaking, the source may be one or more of the following.

1. Oil Filter and Oil Drain Plug

Whenever you change your oil, the oil drain plug is erased and then reinstalled. The oil filter is also replaced at the same time. Needless to say, these components are frequently tampered with, which can cause oil leakage.

2. Bad Valve Cover Gasket

The valve covers are above the cylinder head of the engine and act as a seal to block leakage of the oil. Due to the heat and the effect that the rubber has to harden over time so that the oil drips from them, the valve cover gasket wears out after a while.

3. Improperly Installed Engine Oil Components

Your engine oil may leak if:

  • The oil pan and gaskets are fitted too tight. Ideally, when the pan and gasket are fitted, the tightness should be evenly distributed.
  • The oil filter is loosely fitted so that the oil flows into the engine.

4. Timing Cover Gasket or Seal

The timing cover works as a protection of the timing chain. The timing chain is lubricated with oil, and it is the job of the timing cover seal or gasket to ensure that the oil stays inside the timing cover.

The timing gasket wears down with the passage of time. As the gasket wears down, the oil may start to escape from inside the timing cover. Sometimes, the timing cover is also worn down, not the gasket. If oil is leaking from the center of the engine near the front, it is usually a leak in the timing cover.

5. Rusty Oil Pan

The oil pan is placed at the bottom of the engine. It will deteriorate over time as debris hits the bottom of the pan and leaves a dent. Leakage can also come from an oil pan gasket or oil pan sealant.

How to Stop Oil Leaks?

Proper, regular maintenance and routine oil changes can eradicate the problems mentioned above and help you avoid further damage to the core components of the engine, essentially preventing damage and leaks before they occur.

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