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Toyota Corolla Major Service

Best Toyota Corolla Garage for Major Service:

When trying to comfort your car you want a team of deferential mechanics to provide you the unmatchable best Toyota Corolla service in UAE and technicians at Al Sadiq Garage can recommend you nothing but the best. At Al Sadiq Garage, we are executed to ensure the reliability, longevity, and safety of your vehicle with a team of well-trained technicians who specialize in Toyota Corolla maintenance. Furthermore, the serviceman can give plans to improve and sustain your car.

Al Sadiq Garage does the following as part of major services:

  1. Engine Oil & Filter Replace
  2. Transmission Oil & Filter Replace
  3. Brake Fluid Flushing
  4. Power Steering Fluid Flushing
  5. Coolant Flushing
  6. Washer Fluid Top Up
  7. Air Filter Replace
  8. AC Filter Replace
  9. Drive Belt & Tensioner Replace
  10. Spark Plugs Replace
  11. Brake Pads Replace & Disc Skimming
  12. Tires CBS
  13. Wiper Blades CBS
  14. Suspension CBS
  15. Safety Check-Up
  16. Computer Check-Up
  17. AC Standard Check-Up

Our labor charges for major services will be 300 only.